Friday, August 22, 2008

The Rest of August

The rest of August saw us eating lots of yummy treats from our garden:

We didn't actually eat these this year, but the two artichoke plants that were planted in the alpaca manure actually grew several chokes each! Can't wait to taste them next year...

The potato harvest happened August 22nd. I spent a hot afternoon digging for the red and gold treasures. We got quite a bounty, 34 yukon golds and 16 reds, and are looking forward to planting even more next year. We ate all of these by the end of September!
The emptied potato patch
The chickens have true free-reign now, and love to explore all around our property and beyond. They think the goats' pen is especially yummy, as the goats are fairly picky and leave lots of good veggie scraps for the chickens.

Because our tomatoes got a late start after the first plants were munched by the deer, they needed a little extra help in the pollination department. That's where our Busy Little Bee came in:


Lee said...

Are you not supposed to eat the 'chokes off the artichoke plants the first year? Oops. They were yummy, though!

elliesmadre said...

I think I remember Breana saying something about it taking a few years until they were ready, but I'm not sure.

I can't wait to see how your garden changes and grows through the seasons. Then maybe we can hire you to help us figure out what to plant each season. :)