Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Giant Slugs & Garden Mulch

Armed with salt in one hand and my camera in the other, I prepared to kill this slug. But, after taking it's picture, I could tell that it was a beneficial Banana Slug, helpful to the garden because it is a decomposer.Rich has been hard at work in the garden this week. He mulched all the paths and beds that are not in use, and transplanted the strawberries that were growing in a path.

I planted sweet potato vines, and the corn and butternut squash from seed. Things are really growing quickly now, and we need to get stakes and trellises up for our tomatoes and beans.


hendreque said...

Ohhh I dislike slugs! They've destroyed my pickling cucs :( and have been eating on our snow peas :(

Some have lost the salt battle, some are moved over to the compost bin, some are just flicked out of the garden area.

Did you get your new chicks yet?

Tara said...

Just wanted to say how much you rock. ;) Found you thru the Urban Homesteading ring and just had a feeling that you unschooled too. And you do! Yay!

Glad to "meet" you! Your yard is beautiful. Can't wait until we have that much to work with! Someday!

rachelbess said...

Wow!! That slug is amazing! The garden is looking good. :)

Adina said...

I am in envy over here...serious, green-eyed lust over your space.

here, I was so proud of my little tiny courtyard.



SUV MAMA said...

I, too, am in green eyed lust. Actually, the garden is AMAZING- but the green green grass? WOWSERS.

Hedro said...

I had no idea about banana slugs. I went out and spread a bunch of coffee and egg shells around my tomatoes.

Ah. Tomatoes. My... crop. LOL.


EcoGreen said...

OK don't laugh. But we lived in Port Orchard for awhile with huge slugggies things. put beer in a lid. not sure what it does but the slugs leave:) or drink themselves to death owwww not sure.
huh. but they did leave.