Sunday, May 18, 2008


I think I heard that we set a record this week for high got up to, like, 99 degrees!

The garden seems to be doing well--Rich has been watering every night to cool off the little plants that are now growing at an amazing rate! With this sun, everything has really shot up.

The chickens are getting bigger and bigger every day. Their behavior has changed as they have gotten older, and now they are getting really crazy. When I open the door to go in and check on them, they fly all around, seem to have little stand-offs and confrontations with each other, and generally act nervous... is this normal? I have tried giving them "treats"--kitchen scraps like carrot peelings, cilantro, and even dandelions...but they don't seem interested in anything but their food. Rich is hoping to finish the coop soon so that we can move them outside next week.


LittleYogini said...

I was telling a friend about your chickens and how being around them might push me to vegetarianism cuz they are so cute.

Her husband said not to hold my breath. Growing up his family had chickens and it was his job to feed them. He told me how mean they were when he came in with their food. They'd rush at him and peck at his feet. His brother used to go in and distract them first, he'd run in, throw down the food, then they'd run out.


Omygoodness...only four more weeks and I'll be there!!

hendreque said...

Must come over and talk chickens and gardens. I think we're gonna get a couple of chickens :)