Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cold Streak

Yesterday and today we have had snow and hail, and it is supposed to continue for the rest of the week. It is so beautiful and exciting to look out our windows and see the snowflakes falling. Very strange, though, that it is the end of March and doing this--especially after such spring-y weather in February. I wonder what would've happened if we already got our peas, shallots, and potatoes in the ground??

Rich turned the compost in with the soil last night, with a shovel. He said he just took a big scoop and turned it over. We'll see if we're doing this right on Tuesday...

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Comptons said...

Isn't the weather crazy?? I think the peas, shallots, etc would have been OK, since temps actually aren't that low, and it's getting to nearly 50 during the day. It might have slowed them down a bit. Larger hail than we had here (BB pellet-sized is all we got) might have damaged tender shoots, though.

You might want to invest in a spading fork for doing the turning - I think it mixes things up a bit better. My understanding is you want to actually MIX the compost/fertilizer into the soil, not just turn it under.

Looking forward to your next BackyardFarmer report :-)