Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The plan to get manure this morning went to poop (ha ha ha!) when Rich & my dad couldn't get the uniloader out of the trailer that was supposed to haul said poop. They quickly switched to plan B and went to Portland Nursery to buy the compost we needed to prepare our beds, and we will make a trip to get the alpaca dung another day.
Rich carried all of the bags down the looooong hill to the garden shed, and from there we spread the mushroom compost, and then the planting compost evenly over the beds. This was like the blind leading the blind...neither of us have any experience getting beds ready to plant, but hopefully our backyard farmers can tell us if we really screwed it up next week when they come.
Kylin helped out by picking weeds, looking for earthworms (and buried treasure), and rounding up all of the stray empty compost bags.

30 bags of compost: 20 E.B. Stone Organic Planting Compost,
10 E.B. Stone Organic Mushroom Compost
Cold in the shade
But warm in the sun!
UrbanHippieMama, spreading the love
Aren't they beeee-u-teeful?
This is 243 sq. ft. of bed space, 368 sq. ft. total (including paths)


Comptons said...

I have 6 bags of compost ready to be spread, but I'm not as adventurous as you - working in the rain!

can't wait to hear/see what's going in those beeee-utiful beds ;-)

elliesmadre said...

It looks great! So, I am envisioning an awesome Maypole in your backyard. And all of our littles running around it. Aaahhhhh... :)

LittleYogini said...

So what's gonna be in the big part with no poop?

radishly said...

Ms. Nosy Asks: Does the 368sqft include the big part? What are the dimensions on the the square?

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