Monday, March 31, 2008

We Got the Poop!

The Poop and The Poop Master
(we are now official farmers, because we have our own pitchfork)The Helper
Many, Many Wheelbarrow-loads Full
And A Load To Carry Back Up
Hold On Tight!
Just a Little Ways Left
And Fill 'Er Up Again...
Rich got his workout today, hauling 2 1/2 yards of alpaca manure down our hill. This will make the perfect mulch, though, and we are so excited to get the rest of our paths dug and the beds mulched.

We had our 2nd meeting with our backyard farmers, and it was even better than the first (if that's possible)! We got a new chapter for our book and learned all about succession planting, they helped us to plan out exactly where each vegetable will go in our garden, and left us with a list of homework to do over the next month. They will also be bringing out lots of seeds and starts this week for us to plant!

The weather today was gorgeous--sunny and crisp--a wonderful gift while working outside!


Hedro said...

Wow! That is a gorgeous plot... or several! You guys are doing awesome!


Saam said...

rich and kaden are SO cute. :)

I cant wait to see your backyard. we need to come over for an unagi dinner SOON!