Thursday, April 3, 2008

Almost Ready to Plant

While I was busy having playdates and taking care of kids today, Rich was busting his ass in the garden again. He staked out another section of the garden and covered those beds with the manure, working all day long in the beautiful sun.

After he was satisfied, we went to Portland Nursery to buy the artichoke plants, some asparagus "crowns" that look like dried, shriveled octopuses (octopi??), and some more compost. I can't wait until we don't ever have to buy compost again.

My playdate this morning was really not a playdate at all. It was a chance for another homesteading wanna-be and I to get together and talk chickens. My friend Jen already has chicken and has done her homework, so she came and looked at our potential coop and helped me figure out how many and what kinds of chicks we might want to get. She also lit a fire under my rear to start getting said chicks. She said that even though it is possible to order chicks at any time of the year, doing it that way is much more expensive and you can't order less than 25--and we definitely don't want 25 chickens just yet. I need to call around to the feed stores in the area in the next few days and figure out what our options are for breeds right now, choose what we want, and start placing orders.

How EGG-CITING!! We are going to get chickens... :)

In more serious garden journal worthy news:
When Rich got up this morning there was frost on the ground. He took the soil temperature and it was 38 degrees. A bit chilly, but not freezing... Last night before he went to bed it was 46.

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Hippomama said...

On Chickens:

Linnton Feed and Seed has chicks until the end of May. They get a different kind each week. However, they go FAST. We dream of chickens, so visit alot. It's amazing how quickly they fly out the door in the short amount of time that we're there. I'm not sure what day they receive their weekly delivery, but you could call to see. They have a printed flier as well that lists what is coming in each week. If I recall, chicks are only through the end of April, and then it's turkeys and ducks until June.

I'd love to order my chicks as well, but we're not quite to that point yet. When we are, we'll be looking for other ppl to split that min 25 order. I suspect that that won't be terribly difficult to find, with how popular urban chickens have become (and how fast we see them flying out the doors at places).

Oh, there's a gardening store on Mississippi that had chicks last year as well. They host chicken education sessions as well, apparently, and have a nice coop in their outside garden area. Can't recall the name of the place, but somewhere else to call to find out what types they have.