Friday, April 4, 2008

First Planting

Outdoor Temp: 48
Soil Temp: 44
Rainy with moments of sun

Turned and mixed soil and compost. LOTS of earthworms.

Potatoes-- 2 trenches, dug 12" deep. Spaced potato pieces 10" apart, eye up. Covered with soil 4-6" deep.
Snap Peas--single row, spaced 3" apart.
Shallots--5, planted brown "eye" up (not sure if this is the right direction...we'll see), 6 " apart.

I think there was a lot of build up to this first planting, and I wanted it to be just right. Rich got out there and turned the compost and soil, and I started with the potato trench. What. A. Bitch. Dirt is kind of annoying to work with, because,'s dirty. I dug down, the dirt caved back in all around. I pushed it to the side, it fell in the other trench. It was a lesson in giving up control and trying to let go. I finally decided to plant a little at a time (as opposed to digging the trenches and then planting the potatoes), and that worked.

During this, the boys were trying desperately to amuse themselves, in a space that previously had no limits. They were stomping on the beds (a big no-no), getting tangled up in the twine, and filling my trench. Leah ended up calling, sensed my frustration, and showed up in less than a minute to swoop the boys up and keep them occupied so that Rich and I could finish planting. Have I mentioned how much I love her??
The man in action
Hopefully not lead paint
My trench
Not so sure about this gardening thing
Gosh, I love those red boots
Making mischief in the garden
The progression
Waiting to grow

The fattest earthworm I've ever seen
Dorothy visited from the Land of Oz, where it is apparently very cold


Aimee said...

So cute!! Once you get your chicks and they are about 4-6 weeks, give them worms, its hilarious to watch them. Once grabs one and runs through all the other ones dodging the ones trying to get it. Its so much fun to watch!! LoL

angstmonkey said...

We are watching this blog sister and taking serious notes.