Friday, April 25, 2008


Soil Temp: 46
Warm and Sunny, FINALLY

The sun has returned!!! We spent the morning in the garden, Rich transplanting raspberries and strawberries, and me planting more seeds and mulching the paths.

I need to carry a pocket notepad so that I can jot down notes while I'm working outside...I am always thinking of things and then forgetting by the time I get back into the house!

It is exciting to see our little sprouts coming up--radish, peas, lettuce mix, romaine. The Slug-O seems to be doing it's job, keeping the hungry fellows away from out tender little shoots.

The first load of laundry to dry on the line
Tiny radish sprouts
Heads of lettuce, peeking up through the ground
Caesar Salad
The first signs of life
Digging up the strawberries
When you gotta go, you gotta go
Transplanting strawberries
Everything is beginning to bloom
Transplanted raspberries
Mulched paths


Melissa Zollner said...

oooh I have laundry line envy! I just have a little square one, not a long lovely one like yours! i love how your laundry can really float in the breeze -- mine just kind of sways a little, no room to really fly. i LOVE your yard.

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