Monday, April 28, 2008


We got WORMS today to start a vermicomposting bin. The idea is that worms can eat their body weight in food waste everyday, and turn it into nutrient rich compost for the garden. My friend Jessica went up to Vancouver and bought worms from a guy off craigslist, and she made this great bin out of stuff she had in her garage.

Rubbermaid Storage Container with holes drilled in the bottom and in the lid, setting on bricks
6-8" deep with wet strips of newspaper, straw, and a layer of damp newspaper to cover
A pound of red wigglers
Kylin loves them!
Also, today, Rich finished mapping out the garden by staking out the rest of the beds. He said the strawberries look like they are doing really good after the move...I'm so relieved, because I am soooooooooo looking forward to all of our fresh fruit this summer!!

The plumber came and ran the water lines down to the garden and shed. Now it will be so. much. easier. to water the garden and the animals. HOORAY for EASIER!

And I'll leave you with something beautiful and a little less wriggly:

A HUGE blooming peonie, under our kitchen window


LittleYogini said...

I just let out an audible squeel. I love peonies! Seeing that picture brought back so many nice memories of the west coast. I'm psyched to spend a few weeks with beautiful flowers and yummy garden fresh fruits and veggies....and of course good company too ;-)

Did I mention I'm excited?

Hedro said...

Yes, I just realized I need to go take some pix of mine while they are still in bloom!

You are such an inspiration! We will be doing this eventually out in Eastern Oregon, so it's really neat to watch your process! I'm so glad you are blogging it!


Comptons said...

I have been SO interested in starting a worm bin! But a little unsure, you know? I've tried composting before and failed at it. I'll be very curious to see how you guys do. Where are you going to keep the bin?

katie said...

Would you mind posting an update on your worm bin? I had to set my worms free after a mishap with a large watermelon rind. I would love to see how your guys are doing.