Thursday, April 10, 2008

Second Planting

Outdoor Temp: 55 degrees
Soil Temp: 55 degrees

Overcast and drizzly when we started, then turned to sunny.

Donna and Robyn brought our seeds and starts out yesterday, to be planted asap. So, today we spent 3 1/2 hours getting it all in the ground...everything except for the beets, as it says they shouldn't be planted until the soil reaches 60 degrees.

I planted:
  • Cilantro
  • Carrots (St. Valery, Negovia, & Nectar)
  • Spinach (Whale & Tyee)
  • Pandora Leeks
  • Cabbage (Red Express, Alcosa Savoy, & Early Jersey Wakefield)
  • Snow Crown Cauliflower
  • Kale (Winterbore, True Siberian, Redbor)
  • Champion Collards
  • Romaine
  • Lettuce Mix (Encore mix, Nevadea Summer crisp, Ovation greens, Black seeded simpson, Sylvesta Butterhead, Grand Rapids, Rouge d' Hiver, Red Cross Butterhead)
  • Radishes (not sure which varieties: Pink Beauty, White Icicles, Purple Plum, French Breakfast)
  • Osaka Purple Mustard
Rich planted:
  • Artichokes
It feels so great to have it all in the ground. Rich and I are exhausted and sore... what a great way to spend the afternoon.

We also stopped by the feed store tonight to get some straw and check out baby chicks. I got the calendar showing when each breed will be coming in... it looks like April 24th & 29th are our days!! I think we are getting a Rhode Island Red, Americauna, Black Sex Link, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, and possibly a Black Austrolorp. I'm soooooo excited!!!

Garden Hound

Strapped In (didn't last for long)
Planting Carrot Seeds
Super-Sized Earthworm
Trail of Spinach Seeds
Planting Artichokes
Clapping for Daddy
Romaine Lettuce
Collard Patch
3 Varieties of Kale
Redbor Kale
True Siberian Kale
Winterbor Kale
Kales & Collards
Red Express Cabbage
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
Alcosa Savoy Cabbage
Osaka Purple Mustard
Work Space
Snow Crown Cauliflower
Work in Progress
It's Really a Garden!
Artichoke Entry-Way
A shot of the Trilliums in full bloom

Garden Hound Demo


Amy said...

You guys are kicking some serious garden booty!!!

That's my project for next year. This year, I'm focusing on chickens and a puppy this summer. Oh yeah, having a baby, too! *gulp*

I love all your pictures!!! You are going to be bountifully endowed with salad greens and veggies in a little bit.


remind me to tell you my earthworm story sometime....

Mama Nomad said...

friggin' frackin' amazing!!

in full swing, it's going to be incredible...and edible! heheheee...


Lee said...

Wow, that looks amazing. I'm really happy for you. Will be so yummy!

Comptons said...

Oh, no! the CLAW!!! LOL!

Ahem. Looks great! I can see I need to get to the garden store/nursery this weekend...I started turning over my beds today. A little behind!

Hedro said...

Wow! You guys are going to have one awesome summer!


Donna said...

Great Job! Go ahead and plant those beets!!! They will do fine... As the saying goes when the dandelion bloom plant your beets and carrots : )