Monday, March 31, 2008

An Update About Nothing to Update About

The weather, and our lives, this last week have been entirely too crazy to get much done in the garden. I cut and set our potatoes out to dry, in order to prepare them for planting...but we are concerned that they are too dry now. I haven't measured the temperature of the soil in the garden, but we have had snow every day this week!

I joined 2 yahoogroups this favorite way to learn about new topics! One for backyard chickens and one for mini dairy goats. We'll see what I can learn...

To respond to Ms. Nosey's question, here is a detailed description of the measurements of our garden:

The entire large garden plot (not counting the separate bed next to the shed) is 52' x 52', which I keep calculating over and over and it keeps adding up to be 2700 sq. ft...which seems entirely too huge.

The section shown in the picture is 368 sq. ft., including the un-composted paths.

We have re-scheduled the alpaca poop-gathering mission for tomorrow. Wish us luck. :)

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